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I just purchased a 1987 HiLiner Marine (S. Dartmouth MA) 12'10" Peapod. The goal was to have a dingy for my CAL 29 sailboat, which I could row (the 10' inflatable doesn't row well at all) and which my kids could sail. It is equiped with 2 rowing stations, an aluminum mast, a centerboard, and a kick up rudder, and a main and jib. I have 2 questions about the use of this boat. 1)the boat came with 7.5' oars. If I wanted to use both rowing stations would I use the same size oars for both? 2)Has anyone towed a boat like this? I am concerned about towing it behind my boat in open water.

-- Paul Duval (, September 17, 2002


Paul: In my humble opinion, two rowing stations on such a short boat doesn't make much sense; I'd stick with one. In fact the two stations may mean one is for rowing alone, and the other for rowing with a passenger. If you're determined to have two, see the Shaw and Tenney (oar manufacturer) website to see how to calculate proper oar length based on oarlock spread (beam). I'm no expert on dinghy towing, but I'd wager that your peapod wil tow better that what most cruising sailboats are currently pulling around. Be aware that at higher speed, water may be driven up through the centerboard slot, overflow, and collect in the bilge.

-- Kim Apel (, September 18, 2002.

Also don't forget to tie a lazy painter to your towed boat. Nothing like have to pick up a tow after the line breaks. The lazy painter gives you something to snag with your boat hook. -Gary-

-- Gary Powell (, February 28, 2003.

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