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I recieved documents from nb today - a total of 14 pages (after twelve years with bank - two mortgage accounts, a loan, current account, payment protection, home insurance, life insurance etc I had expected a lot more. What I got was a printout stating that they weren't aware of my date of birth and that I had had 13 different accounts with them.(false) Thats it! As there is only 8 days untill 40 day time limit runs out do I contact lender directly and specify info required or do I contact I.C office and request help with obtaining docs ? I have learnt more from this site than my solicitor gave me in a year and its free! Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance ..... d

-- d (, September 17, 2002


First of all you are wrong to consider this advice as being free. I will send you details of my bank account and I expect the outstanding payments without any further delay.

I'd suggest that you call the IC up on 01625-545700 and discuss the SARN data that you have received. There is a degree of responsability on you to identify yourself in your SARN request, so that the correct data can be supplied. You could wait for the 40 days to expire and make an assessment request to the IC, but I suspect the lender will then state that you did not identify yourself, had you done so they would have complied with your request.

I know its a bit daft, but I think the IC will simply advise that you write to your lender and complain.

And, unfortunatly, the 40 day time limit will begin again.

Don't forget to remit my fee.

Good Luck.

-- (, September 18, 2002.

I pre emted them on the I.D and sent a photocopy of my D.L. with sarn and 10.00 postal order but I will call I.C helpline and then follow instructions. I guess even if I have to wait another 40 days it will be worth it - have just realized when calculating figures that the bank gave us 95% mortgage and then less than a year later offered a secured loan of 16,000 (stupidly we accepted). 60,000 property with 72,000 secured on it! Valuations had not risen at all in that year.I read this site religiously every day and will continue to do so even after my mess is sorted out -(confident now that I can sort it) before this happened to me I would never have believed that finanical institutions would have behaved so disgracefully. Am determined to learn every angle possible to fight with. Thank you all out there - especically you Harry and I will send you a cheque (as soon as you send strict proof of debt !) am learning . . . Dee

-- Dee (, September 18, 2002.

If you provided a copy of your ID in the form of a driving licence with your SARN request then they have failed to comply.

Wait until the 40 days is up and issue an assessment request to the IC. If you want to do this, and get them into a bit of trouble with the IC.

If you just want to sort out your SARN data then write to them and warn them that they must comply within the 40 days, or you will issue an assessment request to the IC.

Give me the money or else I'll SARN ya.

Good Luck.

-- Harry (, September 18, 2002.

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