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hi guys, well, i went to the sneak preview of four feathers last night, and here's my review: my husband and i both give this movie about a 7, (out of a possible 10, of course). it is MUCH better than monster's ball. (i only gave it about a 5. not heath's best work, in my opinion.) heath plays a very intense, emotional character in this one. it's definately worth seeing. (not to imply that any of us would have missed it, of course.) i hope you all enjoy it. oh, i know most you have to wait until at least friday to see it, but i'm interested in everyone else's opinion of the hair cut he has at the end of the movie. it's sort of" christian slater style", and it looks really good, (in my opinion). in fact, i think it may be one of the best looks i've seen him in. (aside from his style in two hands and 10 things. i've always been a sucker for dark, curly hair.) let me know what you think.

-- sarah shultz (, September 16, 2002


I LOVED Four Feathers!!! i think it was a 10 out of 10... useing sarah's scale. i think it was heaths best work yet!!!! he does look HOT in this movie!!!!!! well he lookes HOT all the time but i do like the hair in this one!!! hehehe!!! :O)~ buh-buy buy buy!!! :

-- ~~~ sue ~~~ (, September 21, 2002.

it's a wig? well that sucks! it looks so good on him. he should really consider growing it out like that. (however, with the shaved head he has now, that may take a while.)

-- sarah shultz (, September 20, 2002.

I know which hairstyle you mean even though have yet to see movie. It looks good but it was a wig I saw the making of Four Feathers on showtime and talked about the wigs and fake beards.

-- Stacey Creasey (, September 19, 2002.

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