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Ok, i'm not too far out of roanoke.. and i'm looking for a party, a GOOD club night.. something. I have up & moved from cleveland where the scene went downhill at a lightning pace. All the negativity and shadiness oozed out of detroit, infected cleveland and hit pittsburgh on it's way down. Columbus wasnt affected too bad but by then it was just a baby & would have taken too long sift through a herd of new promoters testing the waters, ya know? I've been homesick lately, not for cleveland, but for the feeling. you know what i'm talking about... nothing you injest, inject or any of those WASTES of precious life... i'm soulsick for that feeling you get when you're completely at the mercy of the music. that beat. your heart changes pace just to keep up with it. i miss what the scene is all about.. and now where i've moved, i dont even have a crappy scene to try to win back like in cleveland.. what's out there (and easy to find).. i'm new remember? :) hugs n love to all the kids out there

-- Anonymous, September 15, 2002

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