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Garage is under the house (in the process of being built) and I need to get supplies up to the first floor. I have been reading about dumb waiters on the Internet...both electric and manual. The manual is more attractive because of price. Any comments or input pro or con about the manual ones. Who makes the best? We live in Hawaii so the company can be Australian, Asian, or American...shipping seems to be about the same. Eagerly awaiting some input/help with this! BKB

-- B. K. Blesh (, September 15, 2002


Atlas Elevator from Chicago makes the best Dumbwaiter

-- (, December 06, 2002.

Thanks for the information on Atlas Elevator Company for dumb waiters. We have a lot of multi-level townhouses, and homes with walkout basements here in Virginia, and it would be great to have a dumb waiter. I've requested information on it for my home.

-- Lauren (, February 16, 2003.

I have an in home business. I sew. I sometimes order bolts/rolls of fabric. I'm drawing plans for a home that will have a basement, 2 storties and an attic. Most of my sewing and quilt machine is on the ground floor, but I will want to store the rolls in the basement. I'm over 50. I donot want to carry them down a staircase! I want to build in somethins that will allow me to put in rolls standing 66" or better. I figure a door on the ground floor and basement It will double as the kid's laundry lift and dumbwaiter from ground foor to 2nd floor. can be manual. Any advice? Thanks a lot

-- Vivian Young (, July 08, 2004.

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