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I am doing dry transfers, and the first packs of film I tried gave me superb images. Recently, though, I'm experiencing a 1/2" black border that stripes up the right side of the image transfers. Additionally, I don't seem to be getting the clarity or the color that I got with the first attempts. I noticed that when I view my slides, a portion of the area does not seem to be lit by the bulb completely. Could this just be a bulb problem?? If it's dark on the viewing screen, will it also be dark on the transfer? And where does one get a new bulb (if this is the problem)?

-- Kris Lamley (, September 15, 2002


It sounds like the base of the transfer machine might just be placed the wrong way. What machine do you use? If it's a daylab...what side is the blackout slide on? Left or Right? It should be on the Left side...If the base is backwards then the bulb doesn't line up with the slide correctly. In regards to the bulb...that also depends on the machine. If it is a daylab you call daylab and they send you a new machine. There is no replacement bulbs. Let me know if that worked out...

-- Ariana (, September 16, 2002.

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