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I currently have bees in a wall of my old country house that I would like to make move, they have been there for ten years. also have a monster hive in an old live oak close to the house. my question is if I built hives for them with new queens would the bees possibly move into them.

-- dz (, September 15, 2002


nope,, wont work,, the bees already have a home, and presumed a good queen. You will have to remove them ALL from the house and tree and place into a hive. Or,, just caulk up the inside of the house, and live and let live. It may be possible,, to trap some of the workers,, wait a few days, then release into a hive with a queen. That may work to get a hive or 2 started.

My grandfather had bees in the wood siding of his old place,, and once a year, when the honey started to drip thru, he would remove a few peices of siding,, and harvest what he could,, close it back up,, and be done.

-- Stan (, September 15, 2002.

You can find the entrance. tape a bee escape over the hole with a hose of some sort for them to come out and into the hive box for a few days then introduce a new queen to these workers. teresa okla

-- teresa bell (, October 16, 2002.

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