Hobart Coffee Grinder model # 3330

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Looking for a Hobart Coffee Grinder model 3330 used in grocery stores in the 60's 70's. ( 90lbs. made of bakelite and aluminum) Thanks, gordon

-- gordon ogenski (trailbc@netscape.net), September 13, 2002


Hello, I have a 3430 Hobart on E-bay at this time...my ebay name is zubie99...can u tell me anything about my model. Thanks

-- Lance Zubrin (zubie@zoominternet.net), September 17, 2002.

Yes, I have a 3330 Hobart-I was getting ready to put it on ebay to sell. I am in Newport, Kentucky. You can call me at 859-291-8784. I actually have 2.



-- Mike Martin (c21mmartin@aol.com), October 06, 2002.

Hi, I just bought a Hobart Coffee Grinder Model 26. It looks a bit different than what I have seen so far...the motor on mine, runs an enclosed pulley connected to the grinder shaft...the ones I have seen so far the motor is directly attached to the grinder.

Can you give me any website or info on my model? It is red with a lovely outline of a darker trim...Hobart is written in script. I contacted Hobart and they have the info on it's manufacter date and shipping date, but could not help me other than that.

I paid $184 for it in a PA antique shop. I do not want to sell it, but curious of the value and history. Thanks for any help you can give. Sincerely, Todd Murray

-- Todd Murray (tontherise@aol.com), June 25, 2003.

Can anybody help me on information regarding a Hobart Model No: XC66 coffee grinder, it is red with a heavy cast iron shell.



-- Richard Kolomy (Richard.Kolomy@newcastle.edu.au), April 25, 2004.

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