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A headline in the Florida Times-Union (Jacksonville)in the issue of Friday, September 13, 2002: "Durango paper mill to close in 60 days"

This is not a reference to Durango, Colorado, but to the former Gilman mill in St. Marys, Georgia- which is the dateline of the story. This mill is the major source of revenue for the 11-mile St. Marys Railroad. Those who went on the Friday excursion in March of this year recall our visit to the St. Marys. It looks like the SM may soon join the ranks of fallen flags.

There may be hope- the SM serves the US Navy's Kings Bay nuclear sub base. It may be that the government may keep the line available if not in service. Needless to say, the SM's fate could determine the CSX (ex-SAL) line from Yulee north to Kingsland as well.

-- Larry Brennan (, September 13, 2002


Can anybody add any additional information with respect to this? I am quite interested in that line and am concerned about its future.

Ed Faggart Lincolnton, NC

-- Ed Faggart (, September 20, 2002.

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