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Anyone have experience rowing in and around the Great Lakes (Lake Erie in particular)? I have an Alden 16 and yearn to take some ambitious open water trips, but I'm just not sure what the Alden 16, or any similar rowing shell is capable of, with respect to the size of waves it can withstand before swamping or capsizing, I'd love to join some experienced rowers, if at all possible, at least for an introductory tour in big, open water.

Pete Matulavich Akron, Ohio

-- pete matulavich (, September 13, 2002


I would be very careful about taking an Alden 16 into open water -- particularly on the Great Lakes. They are fine boats for moderate conditions, but they can and will swamp in any kind of chop. Out here in San Francisco, I've never seen one out on the bay, but there are lots of other boats out rowing.

There was a similar thread on this forum a while back on rowing Aldens in open water.

Take care, Doug

-- Doug Kidder (, September 13, 2002.

no answer, just me hope you and your wife are doing well as I have not heard from you for 4 years

-- sarah jordan (, January 17, 2005.

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