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From: Paul Cowan Date: 9/11/02 6:07PM Subject: River Access Issues



Sept 11, 2002

HR 2386, the Outfitter Policy Act, is scheduled for House Resources Committee "mark-up" tomorrow. Please call your congressperson in regards

to this bill. This is especially important if your congressperson is on the Resources Committee (list at end). It is important that Congress know that this bill is controversial and that it severely hampers land managers and the public.

The RRFW is opposed to the Outfitter Policy Act of 2001 (HR. 2386) because the bill fundamentally alters the laws governing the management of our public lands, provides new privileges to one class of recreational user at the expense of the general public and other users, restricts the powers of federal land managers to best manage lands for multiple use, and puts

non-profit institutional organizations at a disadvantage when seeking to

conduct educational and recreational outings for their members.

Opposition to HR. 2386

This bill reduces land agency discretion in management of public lands and limits public and non-commercial use of public lands as the bill would --

1) Burden federal land managers to guarantee "reasonable opportunity" for profits to commercial outfitters using public lands. This will result in: o "Grandfathering" commercial outfitter use in areas where high recreational demand mandates restrictions on public recreation access, thereby creating disproportionate use of scarce public resources by a select group o Limiting the number of authorized outfitters so that each has a better

chance to make a profit, thereby limiting public choice and the benefits

of healthy outfitter competition o Granting outfitters potentially greater access to federal lands than the public

2) Elevate commercial outfitter permits to a legal status greater than other types of federal permits, allowing permits to be transferred, inherited or sold and restricting the ability of land managers to modify, enforce or revoke permits

3) Continue to leave the status of institutional groups and non-commercial outfitters ambiguous, allowing different interpretations of the rules in different land agency jurisdictions

The favoritism provided to commercial outfitters coupled with the continued uncertain definition of institutional groups would reduce or eliminate outings by non-profit civic, children, and environmental education groups in our nation's most popular recreation areas. Even volunteer-led outings would be reduced or eliminated.

While there may be a need for reform of current permitting polices, there should be a clarification of the permitting process for non-profit institutional groups - an area not explicitly addressed by the current legislation.

House Resources Committee Members

Neil Abercrombie, (Dem.) Hawaii 1st 1502 LHOB 202-225-2726 Anibal Acevedo-Vila , (Dem.) Puerto Rico Resident Commissioner 126 CHOB 202-225-2615 Ken Calvert, (Rep.) California 43rd 2201 RHOB 202-225-1986 Chris Cannon, (Rep.) Utah 3rd 118 CHOB 202-225-7751 Brad Carson, Oklahoma 2nd 317 CHOB 202-225-2701 Donna M. Christian-Christensen, M.D., (Dem.) Virgin Islands Delegate 1510 LHOB 202-225-1790 Barbara Cubin, (Rep.) Wyoming At Large 1114 LHOB 202-225-2311 Peter DeFazio, (Dem.) Oregon 4th 2134 RHOB 202-225-6416 Calvin M. Dooley, (Dem.) California 20th 1201 LHOB 202-225-3341 John J. Duncan, Jr., (Rep.) Tennessee 2nd 2400 RHOB 202-225-5435 Eni F.H. Faleomavaega, (Dem.) American Samoa Delegate 2422 RHOB 202-225-8577 Jeff Flake, (Rep.) Arizona 1st 512 CHOB 202-225-2635 Elton Gallegly, (Rep.) California 23rd 2427 RHOB 202-225-5811 Jim Gibbons, (Rep.) Nevada 2nd 100 CHOB 202-225-6155 Wayne T. Gilchrest, (Rep.) Maryland 1st 2245 RHOB 202-225-5311 James V. Hansen, (Rep.) Utah 1st, Chairman 242 CHOB 202-225-0453 J.D. Hayworth, (Rep.) Arizona 6th 2434 RHOB 202-225-2190 Joel Hefley, (Rep.) Colorado 5th 2230 RHOB 202-225-4422 TIM HOLDEN, (Dem.) Pennsylvania 6th 2417 RHOB 202-225-5546 Rush Holt, (Dem.) New Jersey 12th 1630 LHOB 202-225-5801 Jay Inslee, (Dem.) Washington 1st 308 CHOB 202-225-6311 Walter B. Jones, Jr., (Rep.) North Carolina 3rd 422 CHOB 202-225-3415 Dale E. Kildee, (Dem.) Michigan 9th 2107 RHOB 202-225-3611 Ron Kind, (Dem.) Wisconsin 3rd 1713 LHOB 202-225-5506 Edward J. Markey, (Dem.) Massachusetts 7th 2108 RHOB 202-2252836 Scott McInnis, (Rep.) Colorado 3rd 320 CHOB 202-225-4761 Betty McCollum, (Dem.) Minnesota 4th 1029 LHOB 202-225-6631 George Miller, California 7th 2205 RHOB 202-225-2095 Grace F. Napolitano, (Dem.) California 34th 1609 LHOB 202-225-5256 Solomon P. Ortiz, (Dem.) Texas 27th 2304 RHOB 202-225-7742 Tom Osborne, (Rep.) Nebraska 3rd 507 CHOB 202-225-6435 C.L. (Butch) Otter, (Rep.) Idaho 1st 1711 LHOB 202-225-6611 Frank Pallone, Jr., (Dem.) New Jersey 6th 420 CHOB 202-225-4671 John E. Peterson, (Rep.) Pennsylvania 5th 307 CHOB 202-225-5121 Richard Pombo, (Rep.) California 11th 2411 RHOB 202-225-1947 George P. Radanovich, (Rep.) California 19th 123 CHOB 202-225-4540 Nick Joe Rahall, II, (Dem.) West Virginia 3rd, Ranking Democrat 2307 RHOB 202-225-3452 Dennis Rehberg, (Rep.) Montana At Large 516 CHOB 202-225-3211 Jim Saxton, (Rep.) New Jersey 3rd 339 CHOB 202-225-4765 Bob Schaffer, (Rep.) Colorado 4th 212 CHOB 202-225-4676 Michael K. Simpson, (Rep.) Idaho 2nd 1440 LHOB 202-225-5531 Adam Smith, (Dem.) Washington 9th 116 CHOB 202-225-8901 Hilda L. Solis, (Dem.) California 31st 1641 LHOB 202-225-5464 Mark E. Souder, (Rep.) Indiana 4th 1227 LHOB 202-225-4436 Thomas G. Tancredo, (Rep.) Colorado 6th 418 CHOB 202-225-7882 W.J. (Billy) Tauzin, (Rep.) Louisiana 3rd 2183 RHOB 202-225-4031 Mac Thornberry, (Rep.) Texas 13th 131 CHOB 202-225-3706 Mark Udall, (Dem.) Colorado 2nd 115 CHOB 202-225-2161 Tom Udall, (Dem.) New Mexico 3rd 502 CHOB 202-225-6190 Robert A. Underwood, (Dem.) Guam Delegate 2428 RHOB 202-225-1188 Greg Walden, (Rep.) Oregon 2nd 1404 LHOB 202-225-6730 Don Young, (Rep.) Alaska , Vice-Chaiman At Large 2111 RHOB 202-225-5765 (RHOB = Rayburn House Office Building, CHOB = Cannon , LHOB = Longworth)

-- Jerry Nolan (jerry@mesastate.edu), September 12, 2002

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