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I'm from rouen,in france and i've got the chance to see the f4 special parts n49 in a meeting!then i realise that the screen got blue reflect:it's an irridium screen,and believe me,it's beautifull!!! so i'm searching for this irridium screen wich is not available in france!can someone help me because i really want one!!!all ideas are welcome!!!thanks!

-- dauly alexandre (, September 11, 2002



This company made the first ti coated screens for the F4.

-- mod (, September 27, 2002.

Hi Dauly,

The SP screen you are reffering to is not an Iridium screen, it is in fact a Titanium nitrided screen. If you are interested in such a screen email us and we will be able to supply one for you. The only issue is the price for these screens. Since they are hand made they cost a lot of money.

-- Mototrends (, September 26, 2002.

mv special parts says it is an accesory as well

-- hb (, September 26, 2002.

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