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Hello fans, hi Richard,

I just want to share with you that Richard Gere in his movies is playing my real life. In "Mr.Jones" he is a manic depressive patient. I am a manic depressive patient myself, and acted just the way he did in the movie, when I was without medication. I am not in love with my shrink, but we are very good friends. Yesterday I watched "Autumn in New York" as my on tribute to September 11th. It is about an older man in love with a young woman aged 22. Like in the movie, my earnings are very good too, I have my own business in real estate in Holland. I have met a young woman from Latvia (former USSR), living in the city of Riga, and I took her with me to The Hague, the city I am living in. She is 22 years old, my age is 43. Like in the movie, really everybody tells me to end this relationship, because she could be my daughter. In the movie the girl ends the love, like my love did last week. In the movie the girl dies, in my life it feels that way, I miss her very much. For me it was a "Summer in Riga and the Hague", she stayed with me, lived with me for 5 weeks. We will keep in touch, and love eachother as friends, maybe I will see her again. So, very good movies, and I am a big fan of Richard's. Thank you for reading this. Enjoy life. Rick, The Hague, The Netherlands.

-- Rick Moeliker (, September 11, 2002

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