What I'm going to do on September 11.

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I'm going to get up, go to work, do my job, come home, and go to sleep.

Anyone else?

-- (what@i.think), September 10, 2002


I'm going to post a bunch of lies about President Bush, and act like a general jackass. One thing I will NOT be doing is looking for a job.

-- dumbya (talking@to.myself), September 10, 2002.

I'm going to take the day off from work and stay home and watch all the sobfests on TV because I am gung-holier than thou and Dumbya says this is the patriotic thing to do. After he finishes making his big mellowdramatic speech full of lies I will go to work the next day and spread the meme because Dumbya wants everyone to believe his gung-holier than thou propaganda. Even though he acts like Hitler, I must support Dumbya and pretend he is a hero. I'm too ashamed to admit that he is wrong because I was blind enough and dumb enough to vote for him.

-- typical repug (i admit @ i was desperate. for the $300 tax refund), September 10, 2002.

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