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I working with threads and java tcpsockets. the program is simple. once the connection is established between the two communicating servers. the reciving server forks a thread. but how do i distinguish between packets and how do i redirect them to the right thread that was created. (the ip address will not help because one server could send many diffrent packets)...

((Note : it is not forking a thread for every packet. but it forks a thread only for a particular packet and then the packets following that packet need to be directed to that specific thread)

-- mustafa santrampurwala (, September 10, 2002


You should check out the ServerSocket and Socket classes. Your "parent" Thread (from which you create the new thread) should call the accept() method of a ServerSocket. This will return a Socket object that can be used by the new thread to communicate with the Socket that tried to connect to the "parent" Thread.

-- Andrei (, January 07, 2003.

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