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I am looking for all information on the black and silver boxcars. I saw real ones during the 1970's in Omaha, usually on the Missouri Pacific and Rock Island. I have had American Flyer "S" Scale and various "HO" CofG boxcars for years.

Tim Vana Omaha,NE

-- Tim Vana (, September 10, 2002


The black silver box cars were repainted in traditional colors in early 80s and I don't recall seeing one the last 10 years that I worked.


-- Fred Youmans (, September 11, 2002.

There are currently 92 entries in the Survivors List database on the CofGa HS Web site (9-11-2002). None of these entries is a fifty foot box car in the blimp scheme.

The fact that no blimp cars have been reported to the Survivors List does not prove that all blimp cars are gone. New entries are periodically added and someone may uncover a blimp car somewhere one day.

The odds are very slim that any of these cars exist in revenue service today. I believe that the most recent slide of a blimp car that I have is dated sometime in the early 1980s. If a blimp car is discovered it will most likely be one that is rusting away in a field or rail yard.

Ron. Wright

-- Ron. Wright (, September 11, 2002.

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