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My house repossessed in 1999 and I am fighting the 18,000 shortfall Northern Rock claims I owe. At the moment I am getting them to prove their claim which is tkaing a while, would any lender offer me a mortgage while this is going on?

Thanks Gary.

-- gary ausley (, September 10, 2002


I think no mainstream lender is going to touch you because you will be on the repossession register. You could try one of the sub-prime lenders like GMAC RFC (01344 478711) have a look at

-- David J. Button (, September 10, 2002.

Hi Gary

Im not sure if things are different now with the repossesion register than they were back in 1992 when my house was repoed, but up until Jan this year i had been fighting against a shortfall claim. During this time I was able to obtain a mortgage in 1995 and another mortgage in sept 2001 (3 months prior to the court case) No questions asked, and both mortgages with high street lenders! Please Note after the court hearing a Second charge was put on my house! So ask yourself, do you really want the hassle?

Kind regards

Daren Otsay

-- Daren Otsay (, September 11, 2002.

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