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Any one interested in joining in protest meetings or a rally to the houses of parliament concerning the way they have been treated by their society, harrassment, threats, lies, false documents etc, please contact me.

You can read in the Q 3 A options my story which goes under the heading of false documents used in court by the Bradford and Bingley.

If you wish to remain anonymous for now thats okay i can understand your concerns, hopefully very soon you will be able to read in other papers about a proposed protest meeting. Please get in touch if you want to join in. Thanks.

Regards. Roy Jenkins.

-- roy jenkins (, September 10, 2002


Ithink it is terrible the way banks etc treat their costomers if in debt banks etc will charge you more this is discusting as you had troble in the first place. the morgage code doesn't work with lenders and brookers me and my husband have had that experence

-- audrey morris (, October 14, 2002.

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