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U.S. Deploys Anti-Aircraft Missiles in Washington

Mon Sep 9, 7:22 PM ET

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. military began deploying anti-aircraft missiles at the Pentagon ( news - web sites) and bases around Washington on Monday for an exercise to test a multi-layered defense of the national capital region, defense officials said.

"Avenger" anti-aircraft systems -- heat-seeking Stinger missiles on wheeled Humvee military jeeps -- will be stationed at the bases for at least four days beginning on Tuesday, including Wednesday's anniversary of Sept. 11 hijack airliner attacks on America.

The officials, who asked not to be identified, told Reuters the "Clear Skies 2" exercise did not call for missiles to carry live warheads. The exercise, similar to one held in the summer, will test the integration of F-16 fighter jets protecting Washington with missiles, radar and emergency communications between the military and civilian agencies.

The military began deploying some of the missile-carrying vehicles around the Pentagon and other bases on Monday and one defense official said Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld could order live missiles moved from stand-by to full alert on the launchers.

-- (clear skies 2 @ haahaa. real funny), September 10, 2002


It's true, this is only an "exercise". It is just a coincidence that we are practicing this on September 11, that was not planned. And yes, those are just dummy warheads. Those soldiers that appear to be replacing the dummy warheads with live ones are just practicing. We have total control over the security of our airline industry, so it is ridiculous to think we are guarding against another plane crashing into the Whitehouse. Those F-16's are just flying around up there to greet any passing airliners with a patriotic flyby, they have no intention of shooting down any planes. And no, Dumbya is not scared.

-- Dr. Strangelove Rumsfeld (this is only a drill @ we're. just having fun), September 10, 2002.

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