MIcotrol Microvert 340 VVVF drive

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Has anyone out there ever had any problems with a Micotrol Microvert 340 VVVF drive? Are these drives reliable?

Any comments would be much appreciated. Thanks.

-- Lee Cooper (ljcooper@btinternet.com), September 09, 2002


Dear Mr. Cooper,

i have read accidental Your request about the MICOVERT340. I did develop these inverter many years ago, when i worked at MICOTROL company in germany. Which problem do You have with this inverter? Maybe, i can give You some hints. I work since some years at another elevator company in germany and i have developed a new generation of frequency inverters specially for elevators, which can be used for asynchron motors as well for synchron motors or gearless motors.

Best wishes

Stefan Mueller

-- Stefan Mueller (mueller@kw-aufzugstechnik.de), February 15, 2003.

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