I need to make a home-made blue/green screen.

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I need to make a home-made blue/green screen so I can shoot on DV and then edit the video using premiere 5.5 Can anybody advise?.


-- Rusel Reyes (cocodrilo88@yahoo.com), September 09, 2002


advice: get avid.

-- justin daniels (mysteryawaits@email.com), September 17, 2002.

hey i did the same thing at my house. Go to www.studiodepot.com ... they have lots of blue and green screen paints you can buy. i personally suggest the Rosco line of products. Then buy some pre- primed plywood, paint the wood and ur set. just in case u didn't know, if u do this and it doesn't work out on the computer as well as you'd like, it isn't the paint's fault, it's the lighting.. the blue/green screen has to be evenly lit. good luck.

-- Ryan Pierce (theclownslayer@hotmail.com), September 18, 2002.

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