What happened to the scene??

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Hey sup kids, I am oroginally from Greensboro, I was a kandy kid back at Babylon before they got shut down. I sadly got out of the scene because a bunch of middle schoolers started showing up... Its a sick sight to see a 13 yr old kid rolling... I moved to the beach and now live out of Atlantic Beach and New Bern. Im just looking for some local parties, some local peeps. And to get back to the roots. well yea if anyone sees this drop me a line at Sublimedin@aol.com

-- Anonymous, September 09, 2002


Hello my name is Troy & and I was part of the scene when it 1st started up In Charlotte. I hung out with Leann,Richard aka Cookie and and my Home girl Bess.I was heavy in the seen till it got to commercail & went to bigger things like Paris,London,Italy,and New York not just for the scene but to travel as well. Tons of people had mixed views about me they mostly thought I was a BITCH and thought I was running around with 3 or 4 old men to pay all my bills. but all was so un true in fact I now have plenty of money in the bank a very nice job and all the haters in my life are nothing but memories!!

Love Troy

-- Anonymous, January 25, 2003

Great question. I was part of the orginal midnight til six crowd. There from the first night the doors opened. I partied hard, lovin evey minute of it. I got pregant, and had to take a little time off. 3 years, and I knew it would be kinda different, but I never expected what I have been though. I have tried to find the crowd four times, and no luck. Midnight is gone, and so is eveyone I cared deeply for. You know the people you looked forward to chillin with every weekend. For one thing the pills are nothing like they used to be, what is up with that. Next I felt so out of place. I felt old. Where is the old crowd that knows how to keep it bouncin all night long?

-- Anonymous, April 08, 2003

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