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What shall we do?

This wonderful troll-free environment will be endangered without the ‘password’ feature. Before we know it, the brain-dead liberal morons will assault these hallowed pages with their lunatic fringe conspiracy theories and pathetic denouncements of the Bush administration. You know the ones of which I speak…unemployable social retards with way too much time on their inept hands. Without the password control, these freaks will take over here.

We are doomed!!!

-- Got (to@get.going), September 09, 2002


Hee hee, soon vee vill launch DOS attack and shut this scheisshaus down. Ja!

-- (free speesh @ sux.sux), September 09, 2002.

LOL! Typical Repugs, they don't have the intelligence for rational debate so they try to censor others by using fascist tactics. Pugs were undoubtedly the ones who destroyed the Wild Wild West forum as well.

-- LMAO (actions speak @ louder. than words), September 09, 2002.

Pugs are just pollies. All they ever were and all they ever will be. Got to get me some guns, beans and Gore.

-- (Dumbya@and.Dumber), September 09, 2002.

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