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i have noticed a lot of talk of the six year rule, well i have just finshed working for barclaycard so i have had a lot of insight into the industry and it is not six years but six years AND ONE DAY this is very important!!

-- jamie (, September 08, 2002


So does Barclaycard actually wait six years and 12 hours before they sue then?

Or do you actually know any organisation or person who has literally issued process on the last day allowed - leaving it so finely cut?

I always say that debts are statute barred AFTER six years (debts under seal excepted) unless they have been acknowledged during that time.

-- David J. Button (, September 08, 2002.

what i mean by the six year rule, (if we are talking about the same thing) then creditors will chase you for six years and one day (one day being 24 hours) if they have not attempted to contaxct you for six years one day then the debt is cleared, however if they do not contact you for 5 years and 365 days and then on that 5 years and 365 days they send a letter to you, then the 6 years 1 day starts again, this is what i was told at barclaycard when i worked for the custoemer service call centre (u know the nunmber on top of yr statments) i did not work in the kirby office (where they deal with default accounts)

-- jamie (, September 09, 2002.

Could you tell us the section and subsection of the Limitation Act 1980 that slips in this extra day, please?!

-- Melody (, September 09, 2002.

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