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I am unfortunately back in correspondence with the bank who reposessed me 7 years ago - they have found me even though I have changed my name through marriage and moved address - still, probably time to sort it out.

Does any one know if they have acces to the information given to the Inland Revenue about my employer and earnings, etc? I am entitled to the new child tax credits and don't want this info getting to them as I won't send back their I&E forms.

-- (, September 07, 2002


The answer is they should not have access to such information as it would be against the law but they quite often do have!! Do not send any information to them instead spend some time reading this site.

-- Steve (, September 08, 2002.

Before you do anything else it would probably be worth checking to see if your lender is a member of the CML (who have a policy not to chase shortfall debts beyond 6 years from the sale of repossessed properties. If they are part of the CML then ask them why they are pursuing you in contravention of CML policy? Be careful not to acknowledge the debt in any correspondence with them.

Even if they aren't members of CML it might still be worth pointing out the CML policy to them and citing a few names of their competitors (HBOS, Nationwide, Abbey National etc.) who are.

If they refuse to drop their claim then you should put them to strict proof as described in detail under the Repossession section.

-- Gordon Bennet (, September 09, 2002.

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