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OK, how do I tell when corn, pumkins, etc. are ready? tomatoes are easy. You just need experience is not a good answer, because it isn't. I am in need to know what to see, smell, etc. What colors to look for and the like. Size? etc. particularly corn. Thank you

-- jonathan (, September 07, 2002


Corn normally is ripe when the silk has mostly turned brown. The ear also feels full and solid, not mushy when lightly squeezed. If you are uncertain you can peel back the husk and look, but be aware that this action can allow bugs to enter the ear. Corn usually has a short period of ripeness, that is it gets overripe in a short period of time. Most years in my garden the corn has a span of eatability of about 10 days, that is all, after that it usually gets tasting too starchy because it is overripe. Hope this helps you out some.

Try this site:

They have several forums on various issues and one is on gardening and plant propagation. This may be of help to you.

-- Bob in WI (, September 09, 2002.

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