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I have been told in the event that i go into long term care that my house will be sold to pay for the cost of my care and i will only be able to keep about 20k Can you advise me if this is true or not and who can i speak to who can explain this to me in plain english I've been told that it is to do with the community care act 1990

-- karl morton (, September 07, 2002


It would have been wiser to transfer the property into the name of a close relative a few years ago, but you must have sympathy for the government though as they need every penny to spend on bogus asylum seekers and any other ponces they can find. Looking at the Blair Governments record on asylum, do you think Tony should be in one. Steve.

-- Steve (, September 07, 2002.

As I understand the system, if you have to go into care and do not have 16,000 cash or equivalent your local authority has to pay for your care - they cannot force you to sell your home. BUT when your estate finally does sell your house the local authority can reclaim the money it has spent on you residential care against your estate. It may be that retaining the profit and benefiting from the possible capital gain might be worth considering. It would definitely be worth looking at the Age Concern website and/or visiting the local office for some advice as they are used to dealing with this issue. Good luck.

-- Rick (, September 10, 2002.

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