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To cut a long story short, I am currently fighting a shortfall claim from Yorkshire Building Society and Eversheds. Has been ongoing since 1998. They keep 'putting the matter on hold' or simply not replying to my correspondence for months at a time. On advice from this site I have simply been requesting information from them. In August they sent me documentation consisting of mostly illegible copies of mortgage repayment and CCJ documentation. Also sent full breakdown of debt being claimed, consisting of a typed sheet with no supporting evidence of how each amount was reached. No documentation relating to repossession or original mortgage. In desperation (and exasperation), on advice I wrote to CEO of Yorkshire Building Society. Received letter from YBS debt recovery asking me to phone. Wrote back saying I would wait rather correspond in writing and would they send me copies of documentation relating to debt and original mortgage. Received letter from YBS including SARN form. I am now SARNing them, but not using their form. Have this morning received a 'notice of debt collection' from Wescot Credit Services Ltd, on behalf of 'Legal Direct Recoveries Ltd' asking for £542.31 in settlement of some debt, although it mentions no other 'client'. Especially no mention of YBS or Eversheds. I am pretty sure I don't have any other debts from long ago. I am definitely not in debt with anybody now, and so can only assume this is relating to mortgage shortfall. I am confused by this, it seems the sort of thing they would send if they were trying to confirm I lived at my address, but Eversheds and YBS know my full address. Can anybody help me shed some light on this? Should I also SARN Wescot about this? (it asks me to phone but I'm not falling for that one). Would appreciate anyone's ideas or advice. Thanks very much

-- Alison Vick (mrspickstone@aol.com), September 07, 2002


I would not worry about the letter from Wescot, a so called "debt recovery agency" (based in Yorkshire from memory?) If they come back to you, keep your cool by asking for what documentary proof THEY have - I'd be surprised they have anything at all and are just fishing. Wescot are persistent though, and if and when they bother you further, a well-worded solicitors letter should see them off if you don't what any more letters and have £30 to spare.


-- Chris Gill (cjrgill@talk21.com), September 29, 2002.

I went to work today to be told by the owner of the business that I do some part time work for on a self employed basis that she had recieved an attachment of earnings order from the court for me. I have only been there a couple of months and absolutly nobody knows I'm there except that I recieve W.F.T.C. from the inland rev. In October I recieved a post card along with phone number to call for competition details - it was binned. Then I got a letter from Wescott claiming I owed some book company £57.00 - again I binned it as I had never heard of book company + have taken no new credit since 1997. Repo house sold recently (some time in last three months). In December I recieved a phone call from the "inland revenue" asking for confirmation of employment dates, wages etc. I told them to send me a form - I was baffled by the attachment of earnings form arriving out of the blue . . . but it is starting to make sense now.

Did you sarn Wescot ?


-- D (n-b@wowmail.com), January 22, 2003.

I recieved a letter from wescot 12 months ago, demanding i pay £500 for a washing machine! i checked the name on the letter and envelope, and lo and behold, it was for my sister in law, to cut a long story short, when i got married, i married a lad with the same surname as myself, and the name on the envelope was mine, apart from the initial of the first name, i rang wescot and the bollocked ME for opening the letter, they said if i knew it wasn't for me i should've posted it back to them! i told them "very nicely" how would i know it wasn't for me until i opened it?? Anyway i explained who i was, and they said they were trying to trace my brother's wife, so i told them they had emigrated to america, and i did not have any contact with them whatsoever, they persisited in asking me to try and get their address to which i told them to do their own dirty work, if they had done thier job properly in the first place they would've got my brother's address, they told me if i could provide an address my brother's name would not go on to the debt, so i told them very politely to p*** off and hung up! then i got another letter from them a few days after telling me i should return the original letter even though it was only the initial of the name that was wrong, so i tore it up and put it in an envelope and posted it back to them i felt very satisfied with myself that i stood up to them!

-- Janey (janeyc@emailaccount.com), August 23, 2003.

Yes I am sure people move to America/Australia/Spain, they are all the common places when debt collectors are looking for them!!

-- the guy from wescot (wescot@wescot.com), December 31, 2003.

i am in the middle of paying a debt to wescot. this website has me very worried i must definatley look into this 'company' they sound very dodgie to me!

-- deirdre (deirdrecarlin@hotmail.com), January 05, 2004.

I am also having problems with this debt collection agency. I started having letters from them in November. They are acting on behalf of the so called 02 phone mobile company. To cut an extremelly frustrating story short, I have paid what 02 say I owe but wescots dont give up. They refuse to believe anything I say and 02 wont tell them Ive paid debt - or so called debt off! Ive ended up paying a 50p per minuite phone rate to sort this out but still no joy from any of these bloody companies! Ive contacted the trading standards and watchdog. Ive put complaints on the clik2complaints.co.uk and ive informed 02 by e-mail that i'll fight. Even a letter to head office is unopened. To say it is a nightmare is an understatement. I have no debts so this is the last thing I want!

-- Vincent Sheehan (RowlShar@aol.com), January 06, 2004.

Further to my last reply regarding Wescots and 02 mobile phone company, I have been passed on to Nelson Guest & Partners solicitors. Ive e-mailed Wescot (even though apparently they havent got an e-mail address!), and told them I will fight because I dont owe them anything. Ive now involved OFTEL and e-mailed everybody I can think off regarding this nightmare! Its fast becoming my obsession because Im determined that I will not be a push over like they want me to be. My advice - Stay away from 02! Anybody else going through this?

-- Vincent Sheehan (RowlShar@aol.com), January 08, 2004.

Nelson Guest and partners is a solicitor's name used by Wescot. They are part of Wescot.

-- scott (renegade_onion@hotmail.com), January 09, 2004.

i think your ALL full of BULL S*IT, you all know you owe this money but refuse to part with any money you recieve from state benefits which HONEST people like wescot employees pay you through there tax. Pay up and stop being old moaning Women you stingy twats - you had the credit and deserve companies like wescot on you fat backsides

-- wescot wonder boy (wescotboy@hotmail.com), January 14, 2004.

Isnt it a shame that the saddo from wescot hasnt got a life! If we all sat on our fat backsides all day we'd have the experience needed to work for the so called debt collection agency called Wescot. My bill was paid and why 02 decided to pass on a non-existant debt, I cant say. But keeps you sad wallies in jobs I suppose.

-- employed person with a life! (anonymous@aol.com), January 14, 2004.

I just have to pitch in backing up the last post against the young Wescot Bitch. You Wescotians are infamous as hammering crap debts, debts for which there is dubious legal standing or absolutely no basis at all. You are infamous for procrastination of SARN's, infamous for dubiously worded letters, business practices and alledged regular breach of the Consumer Credit Act.

You chase bad debt like a little mongrel; always certain in your moral crusade against the evil debtor. This is the reason why time and time again, massive corporations with more data-leaks and incorrect billing pass their claims to you. And you hound them; again and again and again.

The people you really hammer aren't dolies, they're employed. I haven't had personal experience with Wescot, no doubt just a matter of time before my name is picked for your 500-quid debt lottery, but I imagine that my answer that 'yes I'm employed' would be met with significantly more interest than 'on the dole'.

I am genuinely amused that you spend your spare time defending Wescot against the great unwashed. It is a very interesting insight into your mind if not perhaps all the vast brains behind the mighty Wescot.

-- Another Wescot victim... (obviouslyfalse@disney.com), January 16, 2004.

I have just been on another website like this, with a message board, about wescot and it seems many people have problems with them. At the moment, my housemate and i are beginning to suffer their idiocy. We got sent a letter yesterday morning saying that he owed Book Club Associates a sum of money. I found this interesting as we have never even heard of book club associates and he has never belonged to a book club! Heck, he doesn't even read books, so why the hell would he join a book club!

These lot need to be closed down...i don't know why Trading Standards have not done something about them yet.

-- Bridget (birdgetj20@yahoo.co.uk), January 16, 2004.

Not found trading standards alot of good. The one piece of good advice I did get from them though is that THEY have to prove the debt so Id advise you and everyone else when you get the dreaded call or letter to ask them to do so then pass on the proof before you have any dealings with them. If they harress you but fail to prove the debt then you can apply to have there licence revoked. Make sure you do everything in writing or by e-mail so you have proof or whats said. Nutha thing about these companies is that there bloody liars!

-- shazza (anonymous@aol.com), January 18, 2004.

Why dont all you sad debtors get a clue! You take out loans, or recive services, or recive goods and then when the you are asked to pay back the amount, you bit!h about it!!!!! Here's a tip for you dole scrounging pathetic loosers read your terms and conditions oh and by the way wescot dont have to provide proof of the debt, there client does and thats when it goes to court!!! ha-ha-ha dont belive me? look it up for yourselfs why dont you just get jobs and pay your debts back faster see ya!

-- A happy debt collector (Mo money than you@aol.com), January 20, 2004.

Yes, what an coherent and informative reply. Far too many spelling mistakes to list. Did you enjoy your time at school? It must have been an exciting week for you. Probably explains the quality of the staff at these cowboy debt collection firms.

-- John Doe (Ibetyouhaven't@hotmail.com), January 21, 2004.

Please don't think that I have put any effort in to writing this garbadge, Its not worth it. And no I wasnt at school for a week I could'nt last that long It was so hard! Oh dear am I patronising you? oh well? So mr John Doe how much debt do you have? I bet lots! But I have no problem with this at all because then that's more money for debt collectors to persue for, and I bet the likeley hood is is that you're sitting in a public library looking at this website, as you can't afford a computer..... or is you're computer on finance? I wonder?

-- A happy debt collector (mo money than you@aol.com), January 23, 2004.

Your English is so bad it's almost painful to read, are you really an adult?. Anyway, sorry to disappoint you Mr Illiterate but I cleared my shortfall a while ago and I have no debts for sad little individuals like you to get all excited about. Just refill the photocopier and make the tea, there's a good little boy.

-- John Doe (Ibetyouhaven't@hotmail.com), January 24, 2004.

Dear John,

I should ignore the comments if I were you, like me you're here to help people. I have no debt but am associated with someone who does, so let's ignore the people who spend all day trying to abuse and hurt those who are already in difficulty, probably through mis-advice, bad advice or no advice or plain deceit as in my fiance's case.

Let's ignore all the comments posted on here that are not relevant.

-- Chris (chris@anon.co.uk), January 26, 2004.

Yes I am the tea boy!!!! And I bet I still earn more than you. One lump or two john?

-- A happy debt collector (Mo money than you@aol.com), January 26, 2004.

Why don't the happy little debt w@nker just sod off!!!! Whoever that is will soon be laughing on the other side of their faces when trades and standards stop their licence, people will pay what's owed if they obviously show proof that the debt is that person's and if a little bit of customer service-ing skills wouldn't go a miss either. And before this complete idiot trys another argument well i'm sorry to diapoint as I won't be arguing with the likes of scum !!!!

-- On A Mission To Stop Wescot (gar_thirty@hotmail.com), February 09, 2004.

Wescot Wonder Bouy said "i think your ALL full of BULL S*IT, you all know you owe this money but refuse to part with any money you recieve from state benefits which HONEST people like wescot employees pay you through there tax. Pay up and stop being old moaning Women you stingy twats - you had the credit and deserve companies like wescot on you fat backsides"

Clearly the calibre of Wescot employees is decidedly low. Do they have any comprehension of grammar or spelling? I guess that's the result of employing 5'2" spotty 18 year olds with little education and large attitudes (to compensate for their small cocks). Get girlfriends guys, you'll see the world as far happier place…

-- Give me a break.. (dog.shit@spaced.com), February 10, 2004.

Hi to everyone I've been reading all the comments above with interest.. I have to say that when my original debt was passed from my lender to Wescot (and I am to blame for that, no excuses) I did find them to be very rude, aggressive and not always forthcoming with information. However once I'd sent in my proof of income and made an acceptable offer, I have had no problems at all. in fact the last time I telephoned to check on my balance, the person I spoke to was polite and efficient.

I suppose my situation is a lot less complicated than some others (whose debts may not even be theirs!) but there you go.

Oh and regaridng the so-called 'guys from Wescot'. I don't beleive for one minute that they are actual Wescot employees. More likely they are kids with nothing better to do with their lives.

-- Not Actually Complaining (no.problem@sorted.com), February 10, 2004.

I have been looking at some sites in the subject of 'Debt collection' and I have to say as a debt collector myself please don't tar all debt collectors with the same brush! I can't state what company I work for but the collectors who threaten you are the worst collectors, I'm not saying that I have never lost my temper with some people (but these are the real losers in life and do scrounge benifits) but most people who are honest and yes do have debts (but dont we all!!) who call me and want an arrangement plan I try to help. This way I do my job, collect money and I find that if people enter into an arrangement plan on there own accord they will keep to it, and no I don't like seeing other people suffer, in fact I hate it, but that's why I'm there so I can make money support myself and make the world of debt collection a smoother running place. I know the busness inside out and my stance is 'shit happens' I'm sorry that's vague but here is three rules for you- #1-if you don't owe the money tyhen I'm sorry proove it. (there are so many scammers out there that spoil it for honest people) #2-if your unable to pay the balance in full offer what you can afford backed up by a financial statement #3-alwase,alwase keep proof of everything! from that gas bill you paid 10 years ago to that recipt for a packet of fags you bought today! sorry it's the world we live in-I look forward to seeing your responces to my posting I hope I have provided a differnt view of debt collectors, p.s sorry about my spelling-

-- A debt collector (False E-mail @aol.com), February 14, 2004.

To the guy above you say - "don't tar all debt collectors with the same brush!" and I note that you look forward to our postings in reply.

Well here goes,

1:You say you know your business inside out but then state its up to a 'debtor' to prove to you that they dont owe it! I guess like many others in your 'industry' you havent read the OFT's guidelines to debt collection where it clarifies that if a debt is disputed the proof lays at your clients door and not the alleged debtor. i.e have you ever heard of 'innocent until proven guilty'.

2: You quote, 'real losers in life and do scrounge benifits' well that says it all really, doesnt it? You mean people who refuse to pay a debt based upon a reference number and a quoted 'outstanding debt balance' scrounge benefits!

3: The best of all is that you claim to hate the job because of the suffering but then go on to say that 'shit happens' and that you are there to earn money.

4: Do you really beleive that your approach to the world of debt collection brings a smoother running place as based upon your posting i fail to see this.

5: You admit that you only help 'most' people who are honest, what happens to other honest people.

Unfortunately, your comments have simply cemented peoples views of debt collectors - i.e. that most are biased, narrow minded, arrogant and cant spell!

Thankyou for your insight.

-- idontwanttosay (idontwanttosay@hotmail.com), February 18, 2004.

Over the past 14 months I have come to the conclusion that Wescot are a bunch of uneducated arses.....but they aren't a patch on the employees of Britannia Music. I have found that Britannia have chosen to record only the communications that suit them, have passed on a debt that is in dispute, and failed to provide me with a copy of their file on me. Does anyone on here know how long they have by law to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998? i.e. how long do they have to provide me with information they hold on me?

-- Dan (neil.conway@wescot.co.uk), February 19, 2004.

Britannia Music,

Just ask them for a copy of the agreement which they will rely upon for potential court action - like catalogues - I bet they cannot provide evidence of your acceptance of a contract.

Their debt companies rely upon ignorance of consumer law.

-- idontwanttosay (idontwanttosay@hotmail.com), February 19, 2004.

In answer to the question raised at the start of this thread 'Legal Direct Recoveries' is for a debt owed to Littlewoods - it has nothing to do with Yorkshire Building Soc. NB Wescot on deal with 2nd placement Legal Direct - so you must have not received all the calls and letters from the 1st agency????

-- telephone collector (noname@hotmail.com), February 20, 2004.

In response to the insults directed at 'wescot employees' i would like to defend myself and state that not only am i in my final year at university, i am only 20 and see wescot as a way of paying my mortgage. I am polite on the phone and watch the clock until its time to go home. I certainly do not take my work personally and see it only as a means of earning money so if everyone trully believes that the wescot employees are nothing other than 'nasty debt collectors' - you are sadly mistaken. i sleep very well at night thank you and i look forward to a prosperous future as anything other than a 'debt collector'.

-- laila (maweelamb@aol.com), February 24, 2004.

Regarding your comments regarding working for Wescot. Who cares. Thanks Mr Spinx

-- Mr Spinx (okeydokey@doggydaddy.com), March 03, 2004.

Oh, forgot to ask, are you fit? Thanks, Mr Spinx

-- Mr Spinx (okeydokey@doggydaddy.com), March 03, 2004.

Today, the property I live in recieved a Telemessage, addressed to the Occupier, informing me of an overlooked Npower account. I rang the number on the letter, although worried that it might have been routed via Bangladesh at £2.50 per minute, (Ilook forward to seeing my phone bill.) The lady at the other end was pleasant and all the facts seem to tie up. I felt that she made a good representation of Wilcot.However I was concerned that the Agreement between Npower and Wilcot came into being approximately 1 month after I had arranged a direct debit agreement to Said Npower. The Rep at Wilcot then asked me to provide proof of all my payments made. I am dissapointed of the fact that the burden of proof is upon myself and also that the previous occupier (Known to have done a midnight flit) has left me the dubious pleasure of an unpaid bill to my property. I have to confirm with Npower exactly what the circumstances are, and will do tomorrow. So why am I here? Call me suspicious but i typed into Google "temessage Scam", and lo and behold was brought here. Hmmm thinks I, must be something in it. I feel personally aggrieved that people from Wilcot choose to post responses of a defamatory nature in this forum, assuming that anyone who recieves correspondance from themselves must be :

A: Unemployed B: In Debt to the eyeballs C: that thick skined that a slur on their character will not offend.

I understand that employees of Wilcot have the right to reply, but to get involved in childish name calling, hardly helps the image of a company that appears to have a rocky image to start with.

I anticipate a torrent of abuse and spam e-mails, from those within the Debt collecting community who feel the need to seek retribution via the internet.

People do move, fraud can happen, and The Occupier is not the name I was Christened with. Funny how debt collectors never get called in when any company can make contact with an individual, like before they emigrate...

-- Dave Cook (daveycook@hotmail.com), March 03, 2004.

Hey, Wescot............here is a good one. I have just recieved a letter from Nelson Guest & Partners stating I owe Lombard card service £115.76. I dont own a Lombard Card and never have..........it gets better..........I am a soldier currently working in Africa (yes your letter found me here.........took 3 weeks) where I have been since Jul 03 without returning home to the UK, so where did the bill come from? Wait a minute, mabey I did sneak back to the UK at £1000 per flight to run up a bill of £115. Well done Wescot, your service is once again OUTSTANDING.

Also dont give me any story about scrounging benefits, I have spent 23years in the Army paying taxes etc.....so any of your SH**E and I will come home and blow you up (for the benefit of legal purposes that was a JOKE LOL hahahah).

Go and do something usefull with your self.

John (in Sierra Leone....working hard and not in debt).

-- John Baillie (johninsl@hotmail.com), March 06, 2004.

WESCOT CREDIT SERVICES LTD MIDLAND HOUSE 64 OSWALD STREET GLASGOW G1 4PL Telephone: 0141 300 5300 Telefax: 0141 300 5301 E-Mail: neil.conway@wescot.co.uk Web-site: Services: ABCFGLT Areas: NATIONWIDE & UK Contact: MR NEIL CONWAY

WESCOT CREDIT SERVICES LTD PO BOX 137 DUNEDIN HOUSE 45 PERCY STREET HULL HU2 8HF Telephone: 0148 259 0590 Telefax: 0148 259 0591 E-Mail: neil.conway@wescot.co.uk Web-site: Services: ABCFGLT Areas: NATIONWIDE UK Contact: MR NEIL CONWAY

-- Matdan (oops@what.net), March 08, 2004.

Recently I was sacked from Wescot, because I refused to rip people off for debts that they clearly did not owe. I am in no doubt that the company is run in a disgusting and unprofessional manner, and being sacked is definitely a blessing in disguise. Unfortunately, I cannot suggest a surefire way to get one over the horrible bastards, but I have a few tips. 1. when you get the letter through, say that the property you have only moved into the property in the last month, give a false name, and state that the previous occupants (who is really you if you are the one on the letter)emigrated/died/moved away. Give a false forwarding address if you like 2. when applying for anything and filling out forms, only fill in the details that are absolutely mandatory. then they have as little info as poss to trace you with. 3. if you truly are not liable, let them take it to court, if you are innocent, and can prove it, there will be nothing that they can do. 4. keep all proof and receipts, and even old tenancy agreements. some of wescot's favoutite debts relate to gas/electricity supply. 5. when getting a settlement they will generally be able to knock 15- 20% off the debt (it used to be 75%!!!)so go for as much as you can.

Not sure if this will help anyone... but just want to do my bit to bring the company down.

-- an ex debt collector (junglistsoc@hotmail.com), March 09, 2004.

I am presently fighting the Micky Mouse company called Wescott. After spending two months in Italy I returned to find an account had been fraudulently opened using my details through both Orange and Singlepoint. Whilst one phone call cleared up the mess with with Orange, Singlepoint have taken a lot more work. After 6 letters of evidence Singlepoint finally acknowledged that I was a victim of fraud. That didn't stop them selling the so called debt to Wescott two months later. After several letters sending them copies of the letters from Singlepoint stating my innocence, Wescott seem unable to understand that I have no debt. They have the cheek to threaten me with court action which is something I would relish. I would so love to see them in court with my mass of evidence. I honestly live for the day when I make the thick shites pay my expenses plus ample compensation for the harassment caused. I am in the process of reporting them to the local Trading Standards which I know will probably make no difference but if anyone else wishes to make a complaint then please let me know. The more complaints against them the better. Also we should all group together and complain to organisations such as Which. If they get loads of complaints then they are sure to investigate.

-- Sarah (bigbella@btopenworld.com), March 10, 2004.

I have recieved a letter from WESCOT regarding an account with Brittania music, they told me i had recieved 2 dvds from them and that i had to pay up. i have already contacted brittania and they told me to get proof that i sent it from the post office. when i sent it back, it just said if ure returning this just add a stamp. i didnt get recorded delivery or anything. i have no proof that i ever recieved anything. when i also phoned up, they said they didnt know how the account was set up as they had no record of it on file. i asked that they could send me my file but to no avail. What can i do?

-- Anonymous (AlphaBGamm@hotmail.com), March 15, 2004.


Look further up this page

-- Who?? (who@idontwanttosay.com), March 18, 2004.

I have just emailed the following to neil.conway@wescot.co.uk

I received a communication from your company with a debt collection letter addressed to XXXXXXXXXX. I did phone your line on 0870 902 3041 waited a very long time and spoke to one of your staff. She was not unhelpful and I explained that not only am I not XXXXXXXXX but that I have not spoken to him for around three years after discovering someone had attempted to gain car finance in my name at the address he was now occupying.

I am certain that you are in contravention of the Data Protection act; you have supplied me with information on a client, given his reference number, the amount of the debt and your client’s name. I was told that since the letter was not addressed to me that I should not have opened it. To which I reply get real if I had not opened this letter I would be completely unaware that my address was being compromised by your process which could have an adverse affect upon my credit rating.

Any mail correctly addressed to my home will be opened to check that no one is trying to run a scam at my expense. I of course would not open any mail correctly addressed but put through my letterbox by mistake as the contents could have no bearing on my welfare or future.

I intend to make a complaint on this practice which is at the very least wrong and possibly illegal. I wish to make two points the first is I do not know where XXXXXXXX is and the second is even if I did I would not pass on this information to an organisation who display such wanton disregard regard for an individuals privacy.

-- George McKenna (geomcamck@hotmail.com), March 18, 2004.

I hate debt companies however, theres nothing illegal about what the debt company has done and their action TO DATE does not contravene any section of the data protection act nor would it upset the OFT.

They are simply writing to the last known address of the debtor and you are if i am been honest simply overreacting.

It is the previous occupier who like many others wont inform the debt company of their new address so as to try and avoid paying whilst you end up geting the lost sleep.

Next time simply pass the envelope to your local Royal Mail sorting office marked 'gone away'

If you are worried about fraud at your address (and after what you say about the past occupier you have a fair point) then you should write to Experian & Equifax to obtain a copy of your credit file (see prev postings on this site) and if adverse entries are noted advise them of your non connection to the previous occupier. You do have reason to get upset if CIFAS info is registered.

-- who?? (who@idontwanttosay.com), March 18, 2004.

It looks like they are improving their image:

Wescot Credit Services Process & Compliance Co-ordinator This vacancy is CLOSED: no further applications will be accepted.

The Company: Wescot is one of the leading credit management companies in the UK. They offer a tailored service for their clients from customer service outsourcing through to total debt management. They work with a large number of blue chip companies and have approximately 750 employees.

The Vacancy: Applications are invited for a full-time vacancy within the Process & Compliance department for a Co-ordinator.

Reporting to the Process & Compliance Manager, the Co-ordinator will be responsible for processing all complaints received from clients, account holders and third parties (CSA, Trading Standards, Police, MPs, and Media etc.). After a full investigation, a business reply will be provided within agreed timescales. Liaison with all internal departments to implement appropriate remedial, corrective and preventive action will form an integral part of the investigation process. The Co-ordinator will also liaise with clients, account holders and third parties to ensure a satisfactory outcome is achieved.

Awareness and understanding of relevant regulatory guidelines and legislation will form an integral part of this role.

Internal Process Audits will be conducted by the Co-ordinator to ensure compliance to ISO 9001:2000. In addition, where appropriate, the facilitation of remedial, corrective and preventive action will be undertaken to promote business improvement.

Skills Required

- Excellent interpersonal skills. - Good keyboard skills. - Advanced knowledge of Microsoft Windows, Word and Excel. - Problem solving skills. - Excellent team member, but able to work on own and use initiative. - Planning & organisational skills. - Excellent written and oral skills. - Ability to work under pressure to tight deadlines.

For further details of the role, please contact the Process & Compliance Manager (Mark Bristow) for an informal chat.

Salary: Dependent upon skill or experience level.

Degree/HND: Any

Location: Hull, East Yorkshire

Closing Date:

This vacancy is closed.

Reference No: GL 5268


-- Debt Update (none@none.com), June 30, 2004.

Got a letter from Wescot over the weekend. Tis addressed to my brother who has never lived here and has never once had any mail whatsover delivered to this address. It's on behalf of NTL. In this house we have Telewest, tho the house my brother lives in has NTL. S'all very strange. (And, for the trolls, noone in my family uses credit agencies because we're not so silly. Our only debt is Uni fees)

-- Janeyferr (janeyferr@drownedinsound.com), November 29, 2004.

ok call me naive, maybe stupid, i took alot of stuped loans and got lots of credit cards etc, i have managed to clear most of them as im in my 20's now, i still have a few outstanding for 100 quid or so, i got a letter from wescot about a sum i owe, i have recieved letter's from a different place regarding this sum? why is this? do they buy debts off of each other??? on this letter they say they 'unless you make payment of **** within the next 7 days a claim form summons may be lodged with hull county court or the local sheriff court...' and goes on to say about i will have to pay the legal fee's. is this true? can they do this? someone told me nglish laws are different from scottish laws blah blah, i will pay it eventually, but cant in the next 7 days, do i have anything to worry about??? (and i do work and have my own flat)

-- morbid lass (morbidgirl@yahoo.com), December 02, 2004.

I have just opened a letter from Wescot sying that they are collecting debts on behalf of 02. It is only about #40 but I have not been on contract with 02 for nearly a year and have not received any correspondence from them in this time period. I was pretty sure I had paid everything when I finished my contract so this is somewhat onfusing. Can anyone shed any light on it?>

-- Anonymous (Anonymous@hotmail.com), December 03, 2004.

I would like to let everybody know that Wescot are toss pots.

All you have to do to get them off you asses is simple. When they ring you ask their name, the details on the debt and the tell the you will write to them.

Write a letter requesting more infoemation about the debt and forget it.

The Wescot wnakers will not write back cos they do not have any except a fat bitch and wanker on the other side operating this shithouse.

I am employed and earn more then Wankers sat in a call centre, I ran up basic debt while a excursion to get stoned abroad(loved every minute of it).

Have paid my debts and recieved letters from Westcot, paid those wankers and a year later recieved same letters asking for same amounts of money. Now I fucked them off.

Rang those bastards and the kept passing me over and over, got sick of and begged a 'so called debt collector to send my file to the solicitors but he would not do it.

Just fuck these wankers and get the stuck in admin where the motherfuckers belong.

Make sure you justify every penny by delaying the asses.


Fuck this money grabbing shit

-- Screw Wescot (wescot@wankers.nobs), December 20, 2004.

Go Bankrupt, they can't do a bloody thing then!!

-- Laughing!! (Laughing@laughing.com), December 22, 2004.

I too arrived home today (from work for the sad git who seems to think he is the only employed person on the planet) to find a demand from westcots for £483. I do not have any outstanding debts but after reading some of your messages about 02, it struck me that it may well be them trying to squeeze some more money although I ceased my account a few months ago and paid £250 which closed the account. I have had no demands from 02 so am very surprised to hear from wescots, has anyone sucessfuly challenged them? Lorraine

-- L.Cummings (loz442002@yahoo.com), December 31, 2004.

I used to get letters fom Wescot, i used to put them in a jiffy bag with a load of my dogs shite and return them without a stamp. Dont get any more.

-- annie (annie@dogshite.com), December 31, 2004.

All you sad bastards who owe money should grow up, get a job, and actualy pay off you debts. Fuck, i know thats a wierd idea for some of you, but thats the only way you can resolve the matter!!! Think of it this way, how would you feel if someone wouldn't pay back what you loaned them!!! Exactly!!! Fuckin wasters.

-- debt recovery officer (debtors@benefits agency.AGAIN), March 02, 2005.

Mr Debt collector, we are not all scroungers, living off the state. I have been married for 12 years. My husband was the main bread winner and I had a part time job that fitted in around school times when the kids were at school. We were ok and managing our finances very well up until january 2004. Then my husband was diagnosed with cancer, as a result of all the treatment he has had, he has had to give up work and I have as well in order to look after him. He is very ill at the moment and has only been given weeks to live. As a result of this we are in serious debt and are really struggling to make ends meet. We are getting letters everyday from debt collection agecies and it is only adding to the pressure that we are under at the moment.I am very annoyed that someone like you is posting messages on sites like this calling us all "fucking wasters". My husband and myself are certainly not wasters as we have always paid our way in life all our lives. There are a few genuine people like myself and my husband out there who have been dealt a cruel blow. Don't tar us all with the same brush!! No wonder people are so annoyed when they are chased for money when its the likes of you chasing them. I think you are an oaf and a baffoon.

Yours MRS S.Henderson

-- MRS S. Henderson (Veryupset@aol.com), March 08, 2005.

well this seems to be a lively debate! I have just started working for Wescot, thought I'd look into the company a bit and found this! First of all I have to say I do have a basic grasp of the english language, I have 10 GCSEs, 7 A Levels, a BSc and am currently studying for a PhD. Debt collection is not an ideal career choice for the rest of my life but at the moment the only way I'd make more money is by lapdancing. It pays well and the hours suit me, I do not enjoy chasing people for money but that is what I am employed for. I understand that a lot of people are in debt through no fault of their own (my boyfriend received a Wescot letter just before I joined the company) and therefore they have nothing to worry about. If the letter is a mistake (wrong address, etc) why get so heated over it? If you don't owe the debt you don't owe the debt, simple. There really is no need to be so insulting to the people on the end of the phone who are just earning a living. I am sorry for all the people who do get a letter when they shouldn't, but it can be cleared up pretty quickly without any immature slanging matches.

-- anonymous (unigirl@hulluni.com), March 12, 2005.

Apologies for remaining anonymous, but I have good reason.

Wescot are about the lowest of the low. Bollocks should people just have to accept letters from dcas if they don't owe the money. The companies should get their info right or face the full force of the law. Wescot employees have been known to treat people like something they trod in, so don't start this holier than thou attitude.

Perhaps you should do lap-dancing - both professions end up screwing people for money!

-- Anonymous (anon@anon.com), March 12, 2005.

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