2000 Emission Sticker

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I have what I believe is a 2001 F4S. The emission sticker under the seat refers to a 2000 motorcycle. Any ideas on whether this means I was sold a 2000 in place of a 2001...Thx

-- scott krane (a56healey@yahoo.com), September 06, 2002


look for vin numbers on frame steering column and in this forum. Y means 2000. 1 means 2001. Don't know if 2000 has double radiator, 2001 for sure.

-- hb (not@vailable.com), September 07, 2002.

The easiest way to tell what year your bike is (like the other guy said) to look at the numbers on the right side of the neck and the 10th letter/number down the year is told and where it what city it was manufactured in (Example 1V = 2001 Varese / 2V = 2002 Varese)

-- CV (mvagustaoro@hotmail.com), September 10, 2002.

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