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My little boy student seems to be bored with lessons after only 9 months. He reluctantly plays for me because this is what his parents want from him. I try hard to make each lesson a pleasureable experience but it is becoming more and more difficult and often frustrating. I suspect since his other two siblings also take piano lessons, he simply might want to break out of this mold and "do his own thing." If indeed his lessons become short-lived, I still would like them to be fun and memorable for him for now. Does anyone have some insight into this situation? Thanks so much!!

-- Nancy O'Sullivan (, September 05, 2002


Hi Nancy,

Why don't you try asking the little boy what he would like to play on the piano? I've found that teaching my little ones classics that are treasured repertoire can be boring, but when I bought, say, an easy Disney piano book, they loved it. I asked them what their favorite Disney movie was and what song they loved. Then I sang it with them and ask them if they wanted to learn how to play it. Association, or relating to something that they know helps. My little girls like to sing along with the song, which helps with memorization as well. Hope this helps you a little.

Miss Z.

-- Zenobia (, March 31, 2003.

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