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Hi all, I'm new to this site as well as being new to MV. My Senna finally came in and it is beautiful as well as a blast to drive. I am curious as to what the "real world" differences, if any, there are with the different models. This is the only MV I've ever ridden so I'm not sure how the Senna compares to the other models. I assume from the specs it's a bit quicker than the standard F4 but not as hot as the SPR. Also, the Senna did come with what I believe is the RG3 pipe and chip. I plan on having these installed at the 600 mi service. Will I notice any difference in performance and/or sound? Thanks for any info.

-- Dave Ball (, September 05, 2002


Congrats on the great motorcycle! From the little I know, the Senna is actually an SPR, just with the Senna bodywork. Good luck with it you are going to have a blast. Just make sure to keep it clean at all times as I am sure that it will be photographed more times than Britney Spears in a mud-wrestling contest.

-- Pete (, September 06, 2002.

Congrats with your new purchase, I too own a Senna and it is an SPR motor and chassis, with "better" ti-nitrided front forks directly from MV. I don't believe that even the hotly-contested "SPR" bikes come with this, nor do they come with the carbon pieces we "senna" owners received. The RG3 pipes and eprom WILL make a difference the moment you have them installed. Just make sure your dealer dials in all the fuel/CO settings....take a look at this forum and search under "SEnna" and have a good read! Thats what I did when I first got my bike this past August.

Good Luck

-- val alparaque (, September 06, 2002.

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