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I notice in the October 2002 issure of Model Railroader that the Tichy Trains have a new pulpwood car for sale. They show a pre-production picture, and stated is was for the ACL and SCL. Will the Society be handling these cars? And are the correct for SAL as well? Where I can purchase some of these cars? My local hobby shop can not get them. Allen Wiener, Ocala, FL

-- Allen L. Wiener (SouRwy@aol.com), September 05, 2002


John, Gary was speaking of the Tichy pulpwood car. Anyway, Tichy had custom SCL decals for the stump car at Ft. Lauderdale, but apparently you had to buy these separately and they were not automatically included in the stump car kit. The lettering was like other SCL gons, standard yellow data lettering with the medium-size SCL slanted initials in the middle and an SCL herald at the right. I think Herald King made such a set in the past. Anyway, best bet is to contact Tichy and ask for the custom set.

-- Larry Goolsby (LGoolsby@aphsa.org), September 06, 2002.

Gary I bought one of those gons at the NMRA show, but I didn't know what decal set to get. Can you advise what set you bought that matches the prototype?


-- John Buckley (dragondog@juno.com), September 06, 2002.

The model photo is correct - these cars had the Prismo blocks at the top, in contrast to the more typical placement at the bottom.

-- Larry Goolsby (LGoolsby@aphsa.org), September 06, 2002.

On a related issue I am geeting ready to decal a Tichy pulpwood rack using the Society's decal set. The photo of the model in the instructions showa the Prismo stripes above the reporting marks, etc. whereas all other similar cars I have seen have the stripes below, along the bottom edge of the side sill. Which is correct for these cars?

-- Gary Bechdol (gbechdol@rwhitehead.com), September 06, 2002.

Allen, look no further than your friendly local historical society. I believe you are referring to the new Tichy "stump gon" cars, which are based on the previous Tichy pulpwood car with slotted sides added (as SCL did to the prototype ex-ACL W-2 pulpwood cars) to function like a gondola. We have a few of these in stock, $15 each plus shipping charges, so feel free to order from us. If demand warrants we will add them to the regular catalog listings. The "stump gon" conversions did not exist on ACL or SAL - they were converted by SCL about 1974.

-- l (LGoolsby@aphsa.org), September 05, 2002.

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