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Marcia, I know you raise goats, French Alpines, right? I do as well. And I know others, like Granny.

I need a "genetics for dummies", pamphlet!

How to you approach your breeding program? Do you line breed, to some extent? Do you look at a buck that has all the positive attributes of the doe, PLUS, has the genetics to "improve" her faults?

Just wondering? I've been fighting this "leg" thing for years, and stature. My original FA stock was very petite, some was environmental, but mostly, very dairy, but smallish. The legs aren't too bad, but I really need to be aware!

-- Patty (, September 05, 2002


Hi Patty

I have sheep but also raised goats for many years, both pygmies and saanens. I like to linebreed here as I have a very nice ram, good body conformation, nice legs and he throws 90% ewe lambs, which sell as breeding stock. When I had the goats I also bred this way, the buck was perfect and if anything showed up that was less than that it went into the freezer. I have found that father daughter breedings really give a good offspring if you start with good, sound stock. I know other people frown on this method, but up here it works and I don't have to travel days to find a decent buck or ram every other year. Leaves have changed color and the ground is littered with them, have fresh snow that's not leaving on the mountian and the waterfalls off the glacier are slowing down. Frost killed the green beans, potato tops, zuchinni and pumkins on Aug 15. We have the stove going mornings and evenings and all the sheep want their water warm again. Pasture is green but dead and we're feeding hay full time now. It's been down to freezing every night and only manages to get up around 55F, just a little fresh, summer was way to short again. Guess we'll have to move back south where the kids are still enjoying summer weather. Happy breeding season, it starts here in another month if I can keep the ram in his side of the fence this year, don't like Feb lambings, to darn cold. Catch you all later. Anne, way up here in the great white (frozen) north

-- Anne (, September 05, 2002.

Thanks Anne!

Must be a real challenge raising livestock where you are, and a garden, for that matter!

I've line bred to some extent. But, not extremely closely. I have friends who breed out at all. If the must, they get a son of the buck. I'm just so inexperianced at the "concept". I mean, I've heard, like you say father/daughter is good, but not son/mother!

I just wish I understood it all better. Facinating stuff.

-- Patty (, September 06, 2002.

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