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I inherited two large prints from my grandmother. One is "Besusch Beim Rabbi" by Isador Kaufman. The other is "The Anglers Repast" by George Moreland.

How can I find out the value of these?

-- rhoda weiss (, September 04, 2002


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-- Christopher Spencer Leeper (, April 29, 2003.

Oh what a terrible reply from that person! I am also looking for information about Morland. He was very famous and his prints will increase in value even now. hold onto it and dont let anyone take you. It could be worth something. It probably has a pig and farm animals and cottages in it and if its a print if it hasnt been tinted (hand colored) its worht more. How much i am not sure. I would take a photo of it and write to Skinners or Christies or go visit them. They have to tell you the value or come close. Thne aution it of if you want. But dont go to a little shop on the corner they will take you. I know it should be large. Not 6 inches x 5 inches. Who published it and who printed it and what is the tilte? I am looking also at Morlands and thier value. I hope you didnt unload it until you had a professional look at it. He died I think in 1806 or 4 and would paint for money. During the dayy oil paint and at night sketch. He drank I guess and if your print is from 1800-1850 it could be worht something. I hope this info helps let me know what your print says.

Thanks Kathy

-- kathleen Griffin (, January 14, 2004.

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