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In recent listings of Ron's Books, both ACL and SAL Dining car books are mentioned in the new books portion of the ads,and at a reasonable price(depending on quality, number of pages,etc.). Has anyone obtained either/or both of these,and would the society consider carry-ing them if they were of good quality?

-- Paul Coe (, September 04, 2002


Mr. Coe : If at this late date, you are still interested in obtaining these books, I can recommend them as being authentic in every respect. When I worked in the general office at Amtrak 1972 - 75, we had a collection of railroad cookbooks. We had Jim Mashburn's ACL book [the Society one lacks the blistering memoranda which JBM could fire off, blasting people for serving string beans without ordering ham hocks from Jacksonville, etc.] and we had the Seaboard book, which is loaded with useful tips about preparing healthful food and was the the gift of Jim Getty in the hopes that Amtrak might be inspired to rise to the level of Seaboard cuisine. Someone else probably "liberated" the Amtrak copies. But I bought mine from the Society bookstore and they are the real McCoy and good value for money. JimW.

-- Jim Warsher (, December 22, 2004.

Paul, these are the Society's reprinted dining car recipe books that Ron's Books is now stocking. They are done in our standard reprint format (softcover with Ibico plastic ring binding) and are exact reprints of the ACL and SAL originals in our archives collection. They have been described in more detail in recent issues of the "Lines for Members" insert in Lines South, but if you or others have further questions, please say so. Ron's is one of our good customers, but naturally we'd prefer you buy them direct from our company store.

-- Larry Goolsby (, September 05, 2002.

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