What have they done to Bruxelles?

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Seriously,Bruxelles, whats going on? has anyone been there lately? did they let the Changing Rooms team loose all over the place.... Its ruined beyond repair. Where once it was refreshingly underlit, understated and chilled out, a place to escape the grating shinyness of most Dublin "nitespots"... I go there last saturday night and suddenly its all wood pannelling, bright lights and... and this is the worst part... EMMA BUNTON on the jukebox.... I'm deeply saddened that one of my favourite places for a chilled out pint, has given in to the awful decor craze that has swept our city. Ruined.

Has anyone got an email address for them so I can rant at those who committed this awful crime? has anyone else seen the carnage?

-- Ana (meiscebird@hotmail.com), September 04, 2002

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