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back in 1984 we had our house repossed by the Bradford Bingley building society we had a morgage of 24,950 the propery was then sold for 19,995 4 years later the building society then took me to court I then had an attachement of earnings on my wages for 20.00 per week. I have been paying this since 1998 I have been back in touch with the Building Society they have now told me they cant find any information on this propery or my self where is my 20.00 per week going they will tell me anything can I get work to stop paying this 20.00 Help

-- paula billings (, September 04, 2002


Response to house repossed left with debt of £210000

As its an attachment of earnings order, it means that this was done by a court and only the court can stop it.

My advice would be to ask B&B to account to you within the next 28 days after which you would consider making an application to the court that the made the AEO to stop ordering payment.

-- David Button (, September 05, 2002.

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