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Last night I received a phone call from a male stating they were calling me from Halifax Customer Services to tell me about a new service they had to offer. To determine if this service was going to be of any use to me they need to know if I was working and if I was paying national insurance. As it happens I am not and told them so. End of conversation.

I had a gut feeling today that this was strange and I phoned the Halifax (I have an account with them) and they confirmed that they would never have a need to ask such a question and not to divulge any info should this person call me again.

I have an ongoing shortfall dispute with the Abbey and have been pressing them for info after SARNing them. I can only think that one of their stoogies has done a credit check and determined I have a credit card and account with the Halifax and used this really underhand tactic to find out if I am working. I have already told the Abbey I am long term incapacitated, but perhaps they didn't believe me!

Anyway everyone be on your guard!!!!

-- too scared... (Anderston828@aol.com), September 04, 2002

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