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Hallo all! I have a question. My local dealer says the orginal Senna came with Air duct are GFK. Other people says the material is from carbon. What´s right?? Thanks for answer. best regards Steve (sorry, my english is not so good)

-- Steve (, September 03, 2002


Hi Steve, your dealer is right. I know that in Germany and Switzerland the Sennas have the cheap plastic airtubes (no GFK, I think). The standard of the other countries I don´t know.

-- André Böhme (, September 04, 2002.

they were supposed to be Carbon but apparently most came with the plastic that on the standard models. Cagiva/MV has been sending out replacement Carbon fenders for those Senna that didn't have them, hopefully they'll do the same for the air tubes

-- TP (, September 04, 2002.

My Senna (USA) came with both a plastic front fender and air ducts. When I picked it up the dealer stated they will be sending carbon parts to replace the plastic ones. I did get the front fender but did not get the air ducts. I was looking through my owners manual and found in the back of it a revision sheet for page 180 that removes the air ducts from the list of carbon components. Seems to me that the air ducts will not be sent out. If any one does recieve them let us know.

-- Andrew Randazzo (, September 15, 2002.

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