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Hi fellas,

I am new to this forum but thought I would post a note that someone in my situation may have some advice for me, if not well at least a few more engineers will know the trouble that I have encountered and may be able to avoid this happening to them in the future. I have recently moved back to Canada after being away in Europe for some years where I obtained a fully apprenticed Elevators Mechanics qualification. I have 12 years experience in the trades there and 1 year here in BC. Since Ive been back I have been attempting to meet other engineers with some success ive made a few contacts and meet a few times a week for chats etc. To make this story short I have been working for a non union company called MCM ELEVATORS, I arrived at work on friday morning of the labour day weekend to be told that Mike Mould(owner) had heard a rumour that I was looking for another job and thus terminated my employment. I had been offered a job previously but had turned it down as I felt that although Mike has this bad reputation within the industry from the UNION sector he had actually treated me well up to this point so I had no reason for looking elsewhere apart from the Night Call which was 1 week in 3 as we had just lost our other service engineer. Anyway sorry for the post if this forum wasnt meant for this.


-- Steve Norris (, September 03, 2002


Re: Shafted

Steve, It is unfortunate you worked for a non-union company. Even so I'm sure Canada has labor relations laws and some sort of oversight board. It sounds like you were "wrongfully terminated". My suggestion would be to find a labor relations attorney and see what your options are. I have worked for several owners (3) and only 1 did not indulge in gossip, rumors, inuendo and bullshit. Good Luck, Fred

-- Fred Baltes (, September 03, 2002.

Shafted cont...

Thanks for the vote Fred, Actually I did approach the Union Local 82 3 times twice before I returned to Canada and once when I arrived and was told that there were guys on the bench, I have a baby due in 8weeks and a mortgage. I know get out the violin but I couldnt in all fairness wait until called. I was in the union and even shop steward in the UK this however carries no weight here. I have spoken to labour relations and apperently you can be fired if the boss doesnt like your hair style...words from them almost verbatum. At the moment there are no bodies on the bench and a job has been offered to me but the Union is holding on letting me in on the strength of some constructors finishing a big job in the near future. The boss of this company has expressed that I can have the job tomorrow as soon as he gets the Union go ahead...fingers crossed.


-- Steve Norris (, September 03, 2002.

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