If you believe your lender did not try to get the best price for your property and you need evidence to prove Land Registry. In Scotland you can find their details on or phone them on 0131 659 6111 extention 5014. There will be an equivilent government agency for England and Wales.

I e mailed them and asked them for a list of properties sold the same year as mine was, I gave several street names that had the same houses as mine and asked for a list of what they sold for.

Within a week they supplied me with a list with all the info I needed with an invoice for only 4 odds. All I had to do was double check the houses were the same style ie: semi).

For me this will I hope provide evidence that my house was well undersold.

I hope this info might help some of you out there.

All the best


PS They didn't even ask why I needed the info - so don't let on!n'n

-- too scared (, September 03, 2002


I believe my home was way undersold but do you know who I can talk to in my area? South San Francisco, CA. I will try to find out also but if you know offhand who do I contact I really would appreciate the info. Thank you and good luck. If I can help with something, let me know.

-- JUDY V C (JVCCH@YAHOO.COM), March 18, 2004.

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