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This may be crazy but I wish I could find a mini dv cam that could shoot at 24 frames a second at 2.35 aspect ratio. I know that there is a XL2 comming out soon, do you think they might have these features. I know you can do this in Premiere but it would make it so easy if it was just built into the camera.


-- Fred Ochoa (, August 29, 2002


Dirty little secret....

Get a PAL format camera... If you can afford it, 16x9 lens (Century Optics makes them) Get a deinterlacing software, like FeildsKit...

Now, import your footage.... in a WINDOWS MEDIA timeline ONLY. (If you edit on a DV timeline, you'll be hindered by DV timecode and the latter trick I'll tell you will result it every 25th frame being repeated resulting in a nasty shutter)

Take you footage and apply a CLIP filter with 12 thick bars...

SLOW your footage down 4 % (96%)

And set the timeline to 24 FPS.

You'll have a psuedo 24p video in cropped DVD ready 2.35:1 Anamorphic widescreen that will look close to film but not quite. Remember it's not film.

-- Jeff (, April 04, 2003.

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