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I am looking at people who have had there cases settled and "sorted" (ie they cannot come back at you as the deal is done). In the experience I have had it would seem that a great deal of you have been treated in the most disgraceful manner.

I am wondering if anyone has also found it difficult to obtain information out of Eversheds? When asking questions about they way a case has been handled.

You may see my other note on this site (Complaints about Eversheds). I have some people email me, explaining how there case was also handled very badly. If your case is still being processed then I do not want to push you on anything.

I am asking for people who have had their cases settled (please note this if not settled at mo), as Eversheds and their customer (that's the bank not you) cannot dissolve the contract drawn up, so cannot touch your agreement.

If you felt you have been mistreated, or felt pressurised let me know, (fake your id if you want). I am concerned at the way they go about there business and would like to try to get a collection of cases, and let the ombudsmen know what their practices are (which I feel is unfair).

The reason they keep doing this is because they "can" because no one checks their methods (ie complaining and really pushing it).

You may owe money, but your not owed to be treated like the way some people I have found are being treated. Give THEM a headache, get them to pay for the admin costs of reading through your complaints, hopefully you and I may win?

Union of Partnership people?

cheers Geoff

-- Geoff Winters (, August 29, 2002


Hi Geoff,

I have had a bad case, in fact, I was so rudely spoken to, it has put a great strain onto my family, I just gave in. My case is settled and I don't like how they went about the whole thing. I am now trying to get them to answer my questions about the way the case was handled and they keep saying "Well you have settled, deal done" is that the case then?

Now I'm thinking straight I think I've done something I did not want too?

-- Johnny Ball (, September 03, 2002.

Take my advice Johnny, let it go and move on. If you paid 1k on a 47k claim you did ok surely? That's about 2.5% as I see it. The best way to reduce the strain is to chalk it down to experience and get on with the things that really matter.

-- Gordon Bennet (, September 03, 2002.

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