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I want to contact a couple of Dublin based Irish authors called DES HICKEY and GUS SMITH. They have written several books together, including one called "Seven Days to Disaster", which is about the sinking of the ill-fated ship LUSITANIA. I have tried every known source in Dublin and elsewhere to get the e-mail address of one or both these men, but so far in vain. In fact, the only 'helpful' bit of information that I got was someone telling me that one of these authors was now dead! This may be true, but at least I need to contact the other. If anyone knows the whereabouts of DES HICKEY or GUS SMITH, please contact me with the info. Or, pass my e-mail ( address to them and ask them to contact me. This is important. PLEASE.

-- Dr Arun Vajpey (, August 29, 2002

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