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I found a BOSCH Epresso Cup (model name) expresso machine at a rumage sale, and was intrigued by it's design, using apperantly a centerfugal pump & and extracting system. Apperantly, however, i seem to be missing a key compnent to the unit, perhapes a "screen' or strainer of some sort that attaches to the centerfuge portion of the basket. Does anyone have any information on this type of machine, or advice were I might find info on the model. I have tried the BOSCH US, & European consumer sights, but no info could be found for the particulair unit. Apperantly , it is simalar to BOSCH's Porsche Design series. HELLLLLP!

-- Mark Rodriguez (, August 28, 2002


Mark: I have a similar machine with a cracked centrifuge head and would like to know where to get a replacement head. There is no screen or strainer that i know of. Small outlet openings for the centrifuge head take care of the filtration, I believe. Have you tried it?

-- Roger A Laine (, August 30, 2004.

Mark, I have one of these machines and it is working but I can't figure out what you think is missing. You lift the lid inside there is a pastic part that looks like a funnel with a cover that fits over a spindle. There is no other cover. The coffee stays in that part as the hot water is drawn thru it and out thru the tray. I makes great expresso. Hope this helped. Rolando

-- Rolando Bono (, November 11, 2004.

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