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I'm currently looking and handling a case against Eversheds. Does anyone out there have had any bad dealing with them, and has anyone won.

I am looking for information on the case handlers (please provide their name). How were you treated? Settlements? Complaints? Please provide a brief outline and I will get back in contact. Hopefully, we can bring the people to account.

Best Wishes to all of you and I hope your cases are handled free and farely.

-- Geoff Winters (, August 28, 2002


I encourage you Geoff to post the names of the Evershed staff you are investigating, more information about the nature of the case you are handling, your own credentials, who you work for, and how you came to be handling this, before any readers should respond.


-- Lee (, August 28, 2002.

Thanks Lee,

I am looking if any person, who has raised any complaints against the way there were treated by Eversheds and they case handlers. One example is if anyone has raised a formal complaint about a Ms Alison Gilbert? What was your complaint about? Was it resolved or left unanswered? How where you treated? Did you feel it fair (considering the circumstances - please be reasonable)?

Cheers for all assistance, it is gratefully appriciated.

-- Geoff Winters (, August 29, 2002.

Yes but Geoff who are you? You could be Eversheds looking for people to cough up their names...duh!!

-- Too scared to say (, August 29, 2002.

I am no lawyer, I am no solicitor, I have not ever gone through repo so I am not in the same boat. I don't really know what these type of companies do. BUT I know enough about law, contract, DPA and HRA , and I am acting on behalf of a good friend who had their case badly handled, this case is much deeper I can put onto the net. I am prepared to fight them, on their behalf as they have nothing on me. I have a good team helping me at CAB and my friend is a solicitor who is directing me to the right places.

I am trying to find out if anyone out there has had any letters go missing? Or Rude threats from case handlers etc etc. If YOU have then let me know. Give a bogus name, falsify your records, anything, I don't care. But at least keep to the basic facts of what happend to you! Be fair and honest! That's all I ask!

Cheers Geoff

-- Geoff Winters (, August 29, 2002.

Yes, I've had trouble. They kept ringing me at work, home, everywhere is this harrassment?

I have settled but my family is helping me thorugh the aftermath. One instance was where I was called and my wife reduced to tears with the way she was spoken too. I just got angry. I sent a cheque, to which Eversheds never said they recieved. they then put the settlement figure UP! I could not afford the first one, but I borrowed the money of my dad. When I complained I heard nothing, well it took ages to get any comment, to which is not satisfactory.

Where do we go from here?

JB reveals all!

-- Johnny Ball (, September 03, 2002.

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