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HI! I'm working on the project on different representations of Ophelia in selected movies. The Hamlets I want to focus on are Branagh's, Almereyda's Zef.'s and Richardson. If anyone could help how to get down to it I'd be grateful.

-- jacek (jmozyn@poczta.fm), August 28, 2002


This is probably way too late to be any help: my email alert got deleted: grrrrr. But in case, if it were me I'd first look at what is cut of her role, and think why. Cutting is usually done to adjust a play for an intended audience, but that's often with representation of character in mind. Then you could consider the settings chosen for each of Ophelia's scenes, and how she reacts to them, and behaves in them. Then there are costumes, hair, and make-up and lack of it. (Even allowing for period setting differences, the costumes say a lot.) There are body language, mannerisms and behaviour - her own, and also how other characters notice, behave to and treat her; and there are voice tone and colour. When you have opinions on how all of these portray Ophelia in each film, you could go back to the text and note how each of these in each filmm builds on the bare words to make a person. You might want to give your own opinions on Ophelia too, in comparison, as you go along.

-- catherine england (catherine_england@hotmail.com), October 04, 2002.

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