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The 1957 SAL ETT shows two sidings that I would like information on. First siding is identified as Mueller and was located between Zephyrhills and Dade City. What industry was here? Second siding is identified as Alderman and was located 3.9 miles North of Lacoochee. This siding had switches on both ends. What industry was here? Thank you in advance.

-- Carey Stevens (, August 28, 2002


I grew up in the Dade City area, and offer the following info. on the two sidings. The Mueller siding served a small livestock feed and fertilizer distribution outlet that closed down in the mid-1960's in the aftermath of some hard freezes that severely damaged the area's citrus industry. The Alderman siding was a passing siding, and served no industries. This siding was removed sometime around the time of the ACL/SAL merger, as it was apparently determined that the Lacoochee siding, which stretched from Lacoochee to Owensboro, was sufficient for train traffic needs. The Lacoochee-Owensboro siding is still in active use. Aaron Dowling

-- Aaron Dowling (, August 29, 2002.

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