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Well, I got the documentation from MV. It states that "By signing this letter, Managing Director of MV Agusta Motors declare that MV Agusta F4 with frame number ZCGF400AAYV001148 has especially been produced as one of two black SPR prototypes. This motorcycle has been exhibited on several major international exhibitions such as Milan, Munich, Paris, etc. and has subsequently been sold to Mr. Scott Armstrong" Kind of cool to know I have one of two production SPR's on the planet. Man do I love this bike!!!!!!

-- Scott Armstrong (, August 28, 2002


Congratulations Scott! Wasn't this the bike you were having problems with? It looks like the best has happened for you. Can you scan that document and email it to me?

Well done.

-- mod (, August 28, 2002.

I just scanned the letter and sent it to your email account. Let me know if you got it.


-- Scott Armstrong (, August 28, 2002.

Hey, do you mind sending that my way, and when you do, do you mind if I put it up online? That's a really neat piece of modern MV history.

-- Andy Ruhl (, August 28, 2002.

can you post a pic? I wanted one of the black SPRs but no one was sure if or when they were coming out and then when I had the chance to get the Senna, well I did what I had to do ^_^

Just curious though what materials are carbon and what isn't

-- TP (, August 28, 2002.

I hate to jump on the bandwagon and overwhelm you Scott, but lemme see that doc. too, since owning a "Senna #68" doesn't hold as much exclusivity as what you've got! Anybody else out there got a Senna with carbon airtube covers ??? Please elaborate on if they came with your bike or did Cagiva send them to you as an afterthought!?

-- val alparaque (, August 28, 2002.

Not angry at the dealer anymore then? as it shows as 2000 as of the Y in the frame. Who cares if you have such a letter to acompany it!!! Does it say on the paper work that is has about 146Hp or is the engine standard?

-- hb (, August 28, 2002.

val just curious about your air tube statement. did they send you carbon ones? My Senna (#212) came with Carbon fender and the rest of the smaller parts but plastic airtube covers. I knew they were sending out replacement fenders for those who didn't get the carbon ones but I wasn't sure or not if they were going to do the same regarding the airtubes

-- tp (, August 28, 2002.

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