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Does anyone out there know if the Fernandina & Jacksonville railroad became the Florida Central and Peninsula and later the Seaboard Airline main into Jax? In Jacksonville's Trout River area, there is an F&J Junction Yard, which is connected to the S-Line to the north, but it's also connected to the Jacksonville & Southwestern to the East. Any help appreciated. Regards, Danny Harmon Tampa

-- Danny Harmon (distsig@aol.com), August 26, 2002


The line of railroad built by the Fernandina & Jacksonvile RR, from Yulee to Jacksonville, Fla., later became part of the Florida Central & Peninsular RR. The F&J was incorporated in 1880 and the line was opened in 1881. The line was leased the same year to the Florida Transit & Peninsular RR, which in 1884 became the Florida Railway & Navagation and in November 1888 became the FC&P. The direct line from Fernandina to Baldwin via Crawford, around the northwest side of Jacksonville, was built in the 1850's by the Florida RR, another FC&P predecessor. The F&J was later the SAL mainline into downtown Jacksonville.

-- Tom Underwood (tlunder@attglobal.net), August 26, 2002.

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